About Timekeeper

— Kathleen Tully & Ian Symons

TKM is the collaboration of two Australian composers who have over 50 years professional experience in the music industry. This unique fusion has produced consummate innovative sound tracks and a body of work for clients to choose from. TKM value the impression of sound and its vast effect and contribution to each and every project.

The TKM alliance offers the talents of over 20 musicians, a unique edge of classical, rock and jazz contributions to present a plethora of genres. Their library of work is extensive and bountiful providing the perfect sound track for you.

Recent achievements include the Brisbane City Street Reads, soundtracks for Corporate Training Videos & Podcasts, the 25 year Opti-Song celebration track, private song requests and an Eulogy.

What would you like your next sound track to be?

We can create something far beyond imaginings.